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I am Love. In Berlin.

I’ve just arrived in Berlin for the largest, most popular international education industry event of the year: The ICEF Berlin Workshop. While it’s a super-intensive event, I usually find time to snap a few pictures. I caught this one just around the corner from the Crowne Plaza hotel in the city centre.

i am love, berlin

Copacabana & Christ the Redeemer

I took my trusty Brownie Hawkeye Flash with me to Rio de Janeiro this month. Armed with a roll of Fuji Pro 400H and the intention of exploring multiple exposures, I set off to see the Christ the Redeemer statue atop Corcovado mountain. As I was staying at a hotel in Copacabana, I had the opportunity to take 2 doubly exposed frames of the same scene: Cristo Redentor on Copacabana beach.
Cristo Redentor on Copacabana
Cristo Redentor on Copacabana
You can see more Brownie Hawkeye love here:

Rainbow Family Village: Taichung, Taiwan

A few months ago, I read a blog post by Steven Barringer on the Matador Network about Rainbow Family Village in Taichung, Taiwan. Making a mental note the next time I headed to Taiwan for business (which is usually twice a year), I was going to have to find this secret spot and take a few photographs. I was under the impression that not many Taiwanese knew about this place but when I arrived late in the afternoon on the Moon Festival holiday in September, there were many visitors taking pictures and chatting with the elderly man who painted the houses, streets and sidewalks in this petit community. The colours are vibrant and the illustrations hieroglyphic and occasionally ominous. You can see the complete set of images from my visit to Rainbow Family Village on my flickr page.

Home on the Prairies

I’ve been relaxing in Burnaby for a good part of the summer which always happens to be my longest stretch at home and in the office. With fall business travel to Brazil, Korea, Japan, Taiwan, Turkey, Germany and Switzerland impending (no joke), I have not wanted to go much further than the boundaries of Metro Vancouver. However, with the recent passing of a very dear friend, I headed to Alberta. And Saskatchewan.

I usually find trips to Alberta to be somewhat nostalgic and cathartic (because it’s home) and boring (because of those long, hot, flat highways). So as any photographer would, I took the opportunity to use some of that time, prairie sunshine and pent-up emotion to snap a few pictures. The shots below were taken near Leader, Saskatchewan where Doug was laid to rest. It’s been a sad week and I miss him a lot more than before. I’m sure he would really appreciate the prairie pictures below.
The light and colours were amazing that day; big, blue skies and gorgeous yellow canola fields. Maybe I’ll reprocess these images in colour someday when it seems more fitting.
St John's near Leader, SK
long gone saskatchewan
long gone saskatchewan

Brownie Hawkeye Maui Edition

You might have noticed, I like photography. All the photos on this blog are my own. Either created in the lovely natural light of my apartment or taken somewhere on the road, usually outside of Canada and occasionally somewhere on the lower mainland.

I recently rediscovered an old camera of my dads; a cool little bakelite box, the Brownie Hawkeye. After doing some reading I decided to load up some 120 film and shoot off a roll. I didn’t bother to clean any part of the camera thinking that I want to see what 50+ years of dust and history looks like. While I was happy enough with those first shots, doing this gave me some insight into the toy camera, its focal distance and exposure. Armed with a bit of knowledge, I decided to take it apart, clean it and flip the lens. Flipping the lens resulted in images with a softer, ethereal feel and a very sweet, defined focal point. I captured the following Maui moments with the next roll of film.

more makena park portrait of my dad in kihei
parents at makena park trade winds at makena park
You can see more of my Brownie Hawkeye shots here and here.

Another Place & Time: Mostly Maui

Makena Park, Maui

I ♥ my ‘hood!

As much as I love travelling, I am always happy to come home to the wonderful, walkable and friendly neighbourhood of Burnaby Heights. The iconic Swinging Girl sign shown below marked Helen’s Children’s Wear for more than 52 years in this community. Recently refurbished and re-installed, you can now find the sign swinging (and squeaking!) proudly above Cioffi’s Meat Market and Gourmet Kitchen at 4156 Hastings Street.

north burnaby: swinging in the heights

Another Place & Time: Berlin Laundry


Yes, I do my own laundry on business trips.
berlin laundry

A Blog About Blogging: Northern Voice at UBC

I spent the past 2 days attending the Northern Voice blogger buffet at a UBC. I knew there was a little blogger culture in Vancouver but didn’t realise how rich it was until I attended this event. Teaching everything from Coping with Social Media to the Nuts and Bolts of SEO to Creative Commons/Copyright, the Northern Voice conference is an annual way for Vancouver media enthusiasts and twitterers from all industries and backgrounds to connect and share the latest in social media trends and finally meet face-to-face.

Held in the lovely, light and linear Life Sciences Centre at the University of British Columbia, it was a fab weekend where I could comfortably geek out with like-minded word-nerds and social media enthusiasts. And the food was good too.

What did I learn? A few things.
  • Filter, filter, filter. ~ Coping with Social Media, Alexandra Samuel
  • I thought I was at the back of the social media bus. No, there are others that are wayyyyyyyy further back. Whew. I figured this out in Blogging ABC’s with Tris Hussey.
  • Tris likened your blog to your living room; write about whatever you want to write about, it’s your place.
  • In this day and age, “liking” something on Facebook is equivalent to doing something good. At least according to Darren Barefoot in What Would Mookie Do? How To Do Good on the Web. Darren did teach other ways to do good things online, and there are many, but this point really stuck out. Sadly.
  • Use social media to document your creative process and let your viewers/listeners/readers in. ~ Art & Social Media, Deb Pickman, Rachel Chatoor, Sara Genn & Rebecca Coleman
  • Write, write, write. ~ Finding Your Voice, Monica Hamburg
To sum it up, the 2 (or 6) most important & useful things I learned at NV10: write, write, write, filter, filter, filter.

Finally, you can see more of the beautiful Life Sciences building on Flickr and below.

Another Place & Time: Zurich


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