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In the Beginning…

The very first business trip that I took was in the year 2000, when I was freshly home from au pairing in Europe and just accepted to a government-funded internship program at my alma-mater, Medicine Hat College. The internship had me working with international students from Korea, Japan, Taiwan and Mexico, placing them with host families and providing student services such as assistance opening a bank account and teaching new students how to use the transportation system in the rural Alberta city of Medicine Hat.

That very internship took me to Asia for the first time ever, long before I knew anything about photography or even had a passion for it. I intrigued myself when I rediscovered the pictures I’d taken in Taipei and Tokyo on that trip more than 11 years ago. I’ve been back to both places countless times since, but will always fondly remember this time in my life as the start of something very good and the beginning of my business, Latitude International Education Consulting.


For Japan ♥

For the first time in a long while (ever?), I’ve decided to let readers in on my job. Some of you might know, I work in marketing at a private language school; the student-base is all international, college-age students and I’m fortunate enough to travel to many places for work.

Over the years I have met many thousands of international students and an impressive portion of them Japanese. I have traveled to Japan countless times, have Japanese friends, colleagues, students, former roommates. For these reasons I feel especially saddened by and concerned about the challenges presented to the Japanese people since March 11th’s earthquake and tsunami. I’ve dedicated my yoga practice (!) each day this week to Japan; sending all my prayers to those students & their families, my friends & colleagues across the pacific. ♥

On that note, I have to say I’m so impressed by the rallying of the teachers, staff and students in the school to raise funds for the Japanese Red Cross. Today the students had a lunch-hour auction and second-hand sale. Students bought Vancouver Giants tickets, used snowboards, books, games, clothes. I’m really proud of everyone’s effort and spirit.

Please take some time to consider donating to the Japanese Red Cross and also check out the good work Google Crisis Response is doing.

Finally, it seems fitting to share a few photos I took in Japan.

ueno park

Coming of Age Day

tokyo skyline

Travel Brain: Where in the world?

Travel Map
I’ve been to 29 cities in 14 countries
Hong Kong (SAR): Hong Kong Island
Japan: Tokyo
South Korea: Pusan
South Korea: Seoul
Taiwan: Kao-hsiung
Taiwan: T’ai-chung
Taiwan: T’ai-pei
Turkey: Istanbul
Belgium: Brussels
France: Paris
Germany: Berlin
Netherlands: Amsterdam
United Kingdom: London
North America
Canada: Calgary
Canada: Edmonton
Canada: Toronto
Canada: Vancouver
Mexico: Cancun
Mexico: Mexico City
United States: Great Falls
United States: Las Vegas
United States: Los Angeles
United States: Phoenix
United States: San Diego
United States: San Francisco
United States: Seattle
South America
Brazil: Sao Paulo

Home Away From Home: More Serviced Apartments

In my travels, I’ve had the opportunity to stay in various furnished apartments and serviced residences here and there. Nothing quite compares to the Oakwood Shinjuku in it’s ultra-modern, Japanese glory but there are a couple of other places that deserve mention. Since the former Oakwood Shinjuku no longer takes short-term rentals, I was referred to the Citadines Shinjuku a close comparison. Both apartments offer sleek, fully furnished units in high-end buildings in super central locations. You won’t go wrong here.

In comparison, and a relatively good option on the other side of the world, is the Filyos Residence in Istanbul. This 19th century renovated building is set along the Golden Horn, an historic inlet of the Bosphorus. Offering beautiful views from the balconies and walking distance to places such as the Blue Mosque, Topkapi Palace, the Grand Bazaar and Kadir Has University, Filyos Residence is the right place to stay for weeks or months. Rooms are perfectly furnished including everything you need to get started on your adventure in Istanbul (wi-fi, hairdryer and other essentials).

I previously told you about the M Chereville residences in Seoul and by comparison, the Filyos & Citadines apartments are far cleaner, classier and comparative in price at approximately $60 – $130 CAD / night depending on the suite.
Thinking about getting out of Canada?

Feel-good photos from Seoul & Tokyo

Welcome to 2010!

For the first post of the year, I thought I would share just a couple of feel-good photos I found on my phone recently.

Love your life

Love your dream
I see this building each time I go to Incheon Airport.
It’s a good reminder.

The days sparkle during sakura season at
Inokashira Park,
Kichijoji, Tokyo.

Photo of the Day!

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