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A Blog About Blogging: Northern Voice at UBC

I spent the past 2 days attending the Northern Voice blogger buffet at a UBC. I knew there was a little blogger culture in Vancouver but didn’t realise how rich it was until I attended this event. Teaching everything from Coping with Social Media to the Nuts and Bolts of SEO to Creative Commons/Copyright, the Northern Voice conference is an annual way for Vancouver media enthusiasts and twitterers from all industries and backgrounds to connect and share the latest in social media trends and finally meet face-to-face.

Held in the lovely, light and linear Life Sciences Centre at the University of British Columbia, it was a fab weekend where I could comfortably geek out with like-minded word-nerds and social media enthusiasts. And the food was good too.

What did I learn? A few things.
  • Filter, filter, filter. ~ Coping with Social Media, Alexandra Samuel
  • I thought I was at the back of the social media bus. No, there are others that are wayyyyyyyy further back. Whew. I figured this out in Blogging ABC’s with Tris Hussey.
  • Tris likened your blog to your living room; write about whatever you want to write about, it’s your place.
  • In this day and age, “liking” something on Facebook is equivalent to doing something good. At least according to Darren Barefoot in What Would Mookie Do? How To Do Good on the Web. Darren did teach other ways to do good things online, and there are many, but this point really stuck out. Sadly.
  • Use social media to document your creative process and let your viewers/listeners/readers in. ~ Art & Social Media, Deb Pickman, Rachel Chatoor, Sara Genn & Rebecca Coleman
  • Write, write, write. ~ Finding Your Voice, Monica Hamburg
To sum it up, the 2 (or 6) most important & useful things I learned at NV10: write, write, write, filter, filter, filter.

Finally, you can see more of the beautiful Life Sciences building on Flickr and below.

Another Place & Time: Zurich


Spicy! (Istanbul)

The Spice Market

Honey Orange Latte, I ♥ you.

I was secretly hoping I would find this Starbucks special somewhere in Taiwan, where I’ve been working the last week, but I guess not. The Honey Orange Latte was released by Starbucks Korea in January as part of a “year of the Tiger” promotion. Sadly, It’s appearance was too brief. Until next time, Honey Orange Latte, I ♥ you.

Feel-good photos from Seoul & Tokyo

Welcome to 2010!

For the first post of the year, I thought I would share just a couple of feel-good photos I found on my phone recently.

Love your life

Love your dream
I see this building each time I go to Incheon Airport.
It’s a good reminder.

The days sparkle during sakura season at
Inokashira Park,
Kichijoji, Tokyo.

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